• Gretta Rex

    Gretta Rex

    Eldest Daughter of the king?
  • Kellanna Rex

    Kellanna Rex

    youngest wife....kind of well....dull.
  • Natasha Rex

    Natasha Rex

    Thalamus's first wife. Mother to the heir.
  • Percu Rex

    Percu Rex

    Youngest son
  • Serenia Rex

    Serenia Rex

    Elven wife of the Principle, took a hot minute for her to get to like him.
  • Thalamus Rex

    Thalamus Rex

    Principle of Nedgar
  • Theo Rex

    Theo Rex

    Heir to the throne...loves the ladies..
  • Tiberius Rex

    Tiberius Rex

    The second oldest son. Very into Imperilisum and into the army.