Fall Campaign


This is the things you will need to know before we start to play. The story will take place on the main eastern continent; there are 14 kingdoms some friendly others not so much. This story will take place in the neutral kingdom of Nedgar, so you the player can be any race (or mixes of races) that is desired. There are many religions in Negar (if you wish to be part of a religion consult the book. It will not be like this in the other 13 kingdoms be forewarn.) The Principle of Nedgar is a very old ogre named Thalamus Rex (Sorry couldn’t help myself) and His lovely wives (oh yes pologamy) Natasha (human), Serenia (elf), And Kellanna (ogre). He has 2 sons with his human wife named Theo and Tiberius, a son with Kellanna named Percu, and finally 6 (yes 6; he really liked her pretty little body and….cough nevermind) daughters Named Gretta, Sophie, Natasha, Jessica, Evangelista, Desdemona. You may be asking why this matters, well one of these fine young children happens to have run away….and they are going to be causing problems for you shortly. XD



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